The Journey begins

I’m a Londoner by birth but a Northerner by inclination and I like to think that the last seventeen years or so spent in Yorkshire has put a bit of millstone grit into my softish southern ways.
I’ve been around for over 70 years and I’ve seen a lot of change. Much of it has been brilliant, but there seems to be a growing darkness around the edge of my town and it’s not all down to failing eyesight.
So, this blog is all about my take on what is happening around me, what I see, and what I make of it. Hopefully, it will have a bit of an edge and some humour in it, but you will have to be the judges of that. It may even have the odd insight. By all means be amused, be offended, but be assured there is not much malice in it.
I shall be posting, mainly short reads, twice a week – maybe more frequently if something really gets my goat, along with occasional longer, more thoughtful, pieces.
I’ll try to be both amusing and provocative, but that’s a hard line to follow, so let me know how I do.

I’ll try to give a graphic language warning on articles where the language might offend, so look out for one to four asterisks (* – ****) in the heading and look away.

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