Maybe we should apply liberally?

I’ve noticed during this election campaign that it is possible to get away with blue murder! An interesting but apposite term given the misdeeds of the Tory party.

The trick is to carry out a dirty deed and then carry on as though it didn’t happen. Easy eh?

Pretend you are a fact checking site, lie about your opposition and then talk about snarks when challenged about it. You can do this secure in the knowledge that the deed is done and you will not be called to account.

You can quote BBC correspondents and pretend that they are slagging off your opposition when all they were actually doing was quoting you. Of course the BBC may mount some tepid quiet complaint asking you not to do it again, but who’s listening? It’s out there already and too many people would readily and justifiably believe that the BBC did support the comments quoted.

You can put something out masquerading as the Labour Party Manifesto. All a complete fabrication of course, but again, it’s out there and apart from a minor reprimand and a threat of future action, nothing happens to you.

You can get your friends to issue outrageous slurs against your opponents and your chums in high places will simply pick it up and amplify it.

You can threaten to take action against bits of the media that don’t do what you want them to do, that satirise you, that show you for the useless bumbling coward that you are, and your chums in the rest of the media turn a blind eye.

You can simply make up indefensible numbers about your opponents plans whilst hiding your own and again, once it’s out there, it gets reported and there is no sanction.

Are you beginning to spot a theme here?

My proposal is that we should use a little of this sauce for the goose and spread it on the gander.

Given the appalling likelihood that the devious, untrustworthy, lying, misogynistic, bigotted, “born to be king”, clown – AKA Boris Johnson, will inexplicably end up winning this god forsaken election, what can the rest of us do?

I suggest we should lie, cheat, steal, commit acts of civil disorder, shout about it all, and then simply deny it. Move on, there’s nothing to see here! We could press for a legal get-out a bit like pleading the 5th in the US, maybe call it “pleading the Johnson”.

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