Never mind the quality, feel the width!

Or, Look over there it's a Unicorn sitting on a Rainbow! When I was young it struck me that I was quite often chastised for emulating something that some adult or other had done or said. Now, being what was to be later called a bit of a Bolshie, I expressed my concerns about how … Continue reading Never mind the quality, feel the width!

Pots, kettles and grimy arses!

Or Journal into the unknown (7) Monday March 30th 2020 Yes, I'm still here. I've not succumbed yet. I've been celebrating my 73rd birthday and my wife and I have been looking back at our 31 years of married life together. Not quite in the way we had planned - hot air balloon ride, boutique … Continue reading Pots, kettles and grimy arses!

Journal into the unknown…(6)

Friday 20th March Perchance to dream - that would be nice! I had a really bad night last night. I couldn't sleep and when I did drop off it was only for an hour or so. I can cope and I often function on less than three hours sleep, but I'm sure it is not … Continue reading Journal into the unknown…(6)

Journal into the Unknown…(5)

Thursday 19th March A mixed sort of day really: My youngest daughter's partner sent me a couple of cheery links about not spreading the dreaded virus following admonitions the night before, when they heard that we were thinking of going to a supermarket.  One was the video showing a line of matches catching light one … Continue reading Journal into the Unknown…(5)

Journal into the Unknown…(4)

Day 4: Wednesday March 18th Warning: Not a day for the faint-hearted!! I woke wondering what this day would bring.  Not much in the way of good news I’m sure. Some of our relatives are working in environments where colleagues have been in contact with virus sufferers and are feeling understandably apprehensive. Testing to go … Continue reading Journal into the Unknown…(4)

Journal into the Unknown…(3)

exhebdenmick Corona, Corona journal, COVID, Memoirs of a corona survivor so far, NHS and health services, Political, social observation Day 3: Tuesday March 17th Well, inexplicably, I got a good night’s sleep last night, by my standards anyway.  According to my sleep tracker, I got over six hours and that is pretty unusual for me.  … Continue reading Journal into the Unknown…(3)

Journal into the Unknown…(2)

Day 2: Monday March 16th Following yesterday’s traumatic start, I was hoping for a quieter day today.   I guess that was hopelessly optimistic.  As the media hype ramps up and the government cannot or will not do anything  that is in anyway reassuring, we find ourselves being consumed by this issue, According to my sleep … Continue reading Journal into the Unknown…(2)

Journal into the Unknown…(1)

Sorry darling you can't be out here. Introduction As the COVID-19 virus sweeps across the UK, and my wife and I find ourselves in an at-risk group on two counts: firstly because of age; and secondly because of what are euphemistically called underlying health issues; my daughter's partner suggested I should write a journal. So … Continue reading Journal into the Unknown…(1)