Blimp or Fudger? What a choice!

Will the leaders of the two main English Political parties ever realise that consensus politics simply don't work if there ain't no consensus? But first let me introduce my main characters: Blimp and Fudger. Firstly Blimp, or Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Blimp to give him his full name. I've started with Blimp because he's in … Continue reading Blimp or Fudger? What a choice!

Nothing like the Queen’s Speech

Hello subjects gather round:  We are going to patronise you.  We say patronise, even though we are clearly female, but one must stick with the old ways mustn’t one?  We also say “We” when we mean “I”, but that’s another matter.  Anyway, no need to bother your little heads about it all; Oh, and we … Continue reading Nothing like the Queen’s Speech

Here comes my umpteenth National Lockdown…..ish

Can we reschedule Christmas? I started to read the UK Government’s brand new, super-duper, English only, National Backdown, sorry Lockdown,  scheme, which has all the hallmarks of a thoroughly thought through, back-of-a-fag-packet policy, with all the T’s dotted and probably all the eyes crossed - certainly mine were after reading the first few paragraphs! A … Continue reading Here comes my umpteenth National Lockdown…..ish

Duck-it List: Episode THREE

People I will not torture, in spite of really wanting to (along with the things I won’t allow myself to do to them - probably) <ahref= "">Link</a> “Kicking Against the Pricks” says it all really. I suspect that it’s not often that Nick Cave, The Bad Seeds, and The Acts of The Apostles, come together … Continue reading Duck-it List: Episode THREE

The Slow Loris: a tale of a dilatory Tory.

There was a sad Tory called Boris With the acuity of a slow loris He just hid in his bed, poured lies from his head and quoted from Homer and Horace. Notes: Slow: from Middle English/ Old English meaning Sluggish, Inert, Slothful, Late, Tardy, Torpid, Blunt, Dull, Faint, Weak, Slack Loris: from the Dutch, meaning … Continue reading The Slow Loris: a tale of a dilatory Tory.

Old Man Cummings had a farm…

I lie, you lie, low. Brought to you by Dom and Dummer – as straight as a hairpin bend on the A67 - with support from The Cabinet of Curiosities  A song for the easily-led, concocted in just one afternoon but no-one can remember the details of quite how it was done. I intended to … Continue reading Old Man Cummings had a farm…

A Profit in My Own Land

or what the devil do we do next? I’ve been keeping an eye out for places to squirrel away my surplus funds now that I can’t get out to waste them on fripperies in the shops and eateries.  I can’t even get myself offshore, let alone deposit any surplus cash there. Just joking! The chance … Continue reading A Profit in My Own Land

Floodgates, Watergates, Surrogates, and Castigates

When my local floodgates opened First of all, where do all these bloody "Gates" come from?  They are clearly not all offspring of Bill & Melinda, so what’s the deal? I was reading Caitlin Johnstone's recent blog on Obamagate, which is well worth a read by the way, when her use of the word … Continue reading Floodgates, Watergates, Surrogates, and Castigates