Journal into the Unknown…(4)

Day 4: Wednesday March 18th Warning: Not a day for the faint-hearted!! I woke wondering what this day would bring.  Not much in the way of good news I’m sure. Some of our relatives are working in environments where colleagues have been in contact with virus sufferers and are feeling understandably apprehensive. Testing to go … Continue reading Journal into the Unknown…(4)

Journal into the Unknown…(3)

exhebdenmick Corona, Corona journal, COVID, Memoirs of a corona survivor so far, NHS and health services, Political, social observation Day 3: Tuesday March 17th Well, inexplicably, I got a good night’s sleep last night, by my standards anyway.  According to my sleep tracker, I got over six hours and that is pretty unusual for me.  … Continue reading Journal into the Unknown…(3)

Journal into the Unknown…(2)

Day 2: Monday March 16th Following yesterday’s traumatic start, I was hoping for a quieter day today.   I guess that was hopelessly optimistic.  As the media hype ramps up and the government cannot or will not do anything  that is in anyway reassuring, we find ourselves being consumed by this issue, According to my sleep … Continue reading Journal into the Unknown…(2)

Journal into the Unknown…(1)

Sorry darling you can't be out here. Introduction As the COVID-19 virus sweeps across the UK, and my wife and I find ourselves in an at-risk group on two counts: firstly because of age; and secondly because of what are euphemistically called underlying health issues; my daughter's partner suggested I should write a journal. So … Continue reading Journal into the Unknown…(1)

The End of Days: a playlist for troubled times

Where Have all the good times gone? The earth died screaming Armageddon ready for the last roundup is the old clichéd joke that springs to my mind as we overheat and poison our planet and send ourselves rushing headlong towards oblivion. The rise of pandemics; the cancerous growth of populist dictatorships; the collapse of human … Continue reading The End of Days: a playlist for troubled times

COVID-19: Lies, damned lies, and government statistics go viral.

Virus by Aoife aged 4 years From my reading we have a virus in COVID-19 that could affect between say 20% and 70% of the world’s population. I have also seen a number of “expert” views that show that we don’t understand it. Maybe we should expect it to be with us into the future … Continue reading COVID-19: Lies, damned lies, and government statistics go viral.

This Welfare State, This Septic Isle, This little England.

Whoa there! Who's in control? Who says so? Telegraph breaks cover Prompted by the 6th November front page Tory party puff in what used to be a newspaper, namely The Daily Telegraph, the prevalence of the propaganda machine running in the UK has been brought home to me.   In fairness, it may just be in … Continue reading This Welfare State, This Septic Isle, This little England.

0-40 in 15 NHS institutions or so

There’s plenty of talk about the NHS at the moment, and it made me think about my own experiences, starting pretty much from its day zero. Now, the catalogue of NHS interventions in my 72 years is just too heavy to contemplate in one mouthful, so I thought I’d break it down.   This is, … Continue reading 0-40 in 15 NHS institutions or so