The Pedants revolt

Bring on The Clowns! Picture the scene: London is ablaze; rioters rule the streets; The Speaker is sitting on a woolsack, in a woolshop, presiding over a few mangy-looking MPs, desperately hoping to qualify for expenses and a new cardigan.  Meanwhile plotters gather in dark corners planning how to exploit this state of affairs to … Continue reading The Pedants revolt

0-40 in 15 NHS institutions or so

There’s plenty of talk about the NHS at the moment, and it made me think about my own experiences, starting pretty much from its day zero. Now, the catalogue of NHS interventions in my 72 years is just too heavy to contemplate in one mouthful, so I thought I’d break it down.   This is, … Continue reading 0-40 in 15 NHS institutions or so

Poverty? What the Dickens does the UN mean?

I have been looking at some stuff covering the recent series of reports on poverty by the UN Rapporteur, which made comparisons between the UK now, and the mean-spirited approach of 19th Century workhouses that Dickens wrote about. How much has really changed? On the face of it, there are certainly similarities in attitudes that … Continue reading Poverty? What the Dickens does the UN mean?