Let’s rearrange the deck chairs

The Raft of the Labour Party?

I don’t blame Starmer for the demise of The Labour Party (for I am pretty sure that they are now as relevant as a deck chair attendant on The Titanic), I blame those who put him where he is.

No one looking at him as a candidate for the top job could have imagined him as a charismatic leader; as an effective bridge to the young enthusiastic supporters of his much reviled predecessor; as an effective custodian of the heart and soul of a once proud workers party; or as anything really, other than a tool, a dupe, or a handy mechanism for advancing their own particular agendas.

They will have seen the man speak and would have been perfectly capable of knowing how that would play out with the man and woman in the street. Clearly, Starmer displays all the charisma and leadership qualities of a second rate middle manager – no, I’ll rephrase that, SOME of the qualities.

That’s the way to do it!

Taking the most charitable view, he has allowed his closest advisors to stick their hands up his backside and make his mouth move, spouting whatever vitriol they fancied, whilst driving the party away from its roots and closer to their own utopian Blair-like dream.

The less charitable view is that he has come up with this off his own twisted willow. This would mean that he is some kind of witch-hunting, anti-socialist, pro-Zionist, anti-union, natural-born appeaser, and maybe he is. His back story is supposedly all about his razor sharp forensic mind after all. Frankly, I’ve been left wondering where he keeps it.

After all, any kind of forensic analysis would have to give some thought to the idea of changing direction. If you have just been caught out hurtling TOWARDS oblivion, maybe now is not the time to run even faster!

Anyway, rather than the captain going down with his ship, Sir KS, seems set to shake his ashen features into a semblance of determination (maybe to hang on at all costs), cling to the life-raft, reshuffle the deck (sorry, The Shadow Cabinet), and move the HQ northwards – There, that should do it!

Still, as the wreck of the Labour Party settles in the shallows of mediocrity, and the rich dance on the bones of the poor, Keir and his puppeteers can continue to convince themselves that it is all because of a bad case of Longcorbyn.

Sorry Keith, I’m simply not buying it.

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