Blimp or Fudger? What a choice!

Will the leaders of the two main English Political parties ever realise that consensus politics simply don't work if there ain't no consensus? But first let me introduce my main characters: Blimp and Fudger. Firstly Blimp, or Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Blimp to give him his full name. I've started with Blimp because he's in … Continue reading Blimp or Fudger? What a choice!

So It’s 2021 and where’s Boris – busy kicking the pandemic down the road?

Hiding his light in a fridge? Planning his escape? Busy making up his next cover story? Pretending he is a decisive man of action? None of the above? August 2019 When I watch the pre-election antics of Johnson and his Jackass crew, I am reminded of a recidivist old lag talking to another "crim" coming … Continue reading So It’s 2021 and where’s Boris – busy kicking the pandemic down the road?

Nothing like the Queen’s Speech

Hello subjects gather round:  We are going to patronise you.  We say patronise, even though we are clearly female, but one must stick with the old ways mustn’t one?  We also say “We” when we mean “I”, but that’s another matter.  Anyway, no need to bother your little heads about it all; Oh, and we … Continue reading Nothing like the Queen’s Speech

Johnson’s Vacillation programme

Rant of the day 19/12/2020: He's forever blowing baubles I have an idea. Let central government set and publish a policy and let local government implement it. Radical I know but it should be possible shouldn’t it?  Especially in an environment where we are told that the government is following “The Science”. My response to … Continue reading Johnson’s Vacillation programme

Corruption rife in third world Britain? Unbelievable!

Rant for the day 14/12/20 Unfortunately it is only too believable. It is what happens when an unassailable government gets control of the purse strings. Ask any other third world country what we have to look forward to.Corruption at the heart of our state. No effective second chamber, no effective checks and balances, a subservient … Continue reading Corruption rife in third world Britain? Unbelievable!

Why is everybody always picking on me? by Cyrus the Virus

Hi there, CYRUS in his finery My name is Cyrus, I'm the COVID virus and I'm just sick of everything being dumped on my doorstep! Sure, I'm a pretty efficient virus and I've spread myself over most of your world in the past year, but not without a lot of help, and certainly not without … Continue reading Why is everybody always picking on me? by Cyrus the Virus

Here comes my umpteenth National Lockdown…..ish

Can we reschedule Christmas? I started to read the UK Government’s brand new, super-duper, English only, National Backdown, sorry Lockdown,  scheme, which has all the hallmarks of a thoroughly thought through, back-of-a-fag-packet policy, with all the T’s dotted and probably all the eyes crossed - certainly mine were after reading the first few paragraphs! A … Continue reading Here comes my umpteenth National Lockdown…..ish

Duck-it List: Episode THREE

People I will not torture, in spite of really wanting to (along with the things I won’t allow myself to do to them - probably) <ahref= "">Link</a> “Kicking Against the Pricks” says it all really. I suspect that it’s not often that Nick Cave, The Bad Seeds, and The Acts of The Apostles, come together … Continue reading Duck-it List: Episode THREE

Kindling the fires of profit

My first dabble into the world of Kind Hearts and Corona net profiteers This bloody pandemic has a lot to answer for, not least for a massive explosion in Amazon's profits. It will be interesting to see how that plays out in their tax contributions, or even in their staff wages. Pandemic - Kerching! or … Continue reading Kindling the fires of profit

Feedthefew Massacre

Or visit to the Viral Premiership in the Great Northern Poorhouse. By Richard Carlile - Manchester Libraries, Public Domain, To All Government supporters Now that your government has decided not to feed hungry children in the midst of a pandemic and to underfund those worst effected by your own policies, it must be time … Continue reading Feedthefew Massacre