The next train is for Destitution…

Calling at Poverty, Hunger and all stations to Social Chaos I’ve been thinking about the state of Britain and trying not to panic. Destitute in Britain. Garry Knight/Flickr. Creative Commons (by) Our present predicament invites despair as we drift, rudderless, from relative comfort to the standards of living we associate with less developed countries.  The fabric … Continue reading The next train is for Destitution…

Meditatio, or has England gone to the dogs?

When I carefully consider the curious habits of dogsI am compelled to concludeThat man is the superior animal. When I consider the curious habits of manI confess, my friend, I am puzzled. So wrote Ezra Pound in his Meditatio. Now Pound is, at very best, a "difficult" source of inspiration in our modern times, or … Continue reading Meditatio, or has England gone to the dogs?

Why is everybody always picking on me? by Cyrus the Virus

Hi there, CYRUS in his finery My name is Cyrus, I'm the COVID virus and I'm just sick of everything being dumped on my doorstep! Sure, I'm a pretty efficient virus and I've spread myself over most of your world in the past year, but not without a lot of help, and certainly not without … Continue reading Why is everybody always picking on me? by Cyrus the Virus

Kindling the fires of profit

My first dabble into the world of Kind Hearts and Corona net profiteers This bloody pandemic has a lot to answer for, not least for a massive explosion in Amazon's profits. It will be interesting to see how that plays out in their tax contributions, or even in their staff wages. Pandemic - Kerching! or … Continue reading Kindling the fires of profit

Feedthefew Massacre

Or visit to the Viral Premiership in the Great Northern Poorhouse. By Richard Carlile - Manchester Libraries, Public Domain, To All Government supporters Now that your government has decided not to feed hungry children in the midst of a pandemic and to underfund those worst effected by your own policies, it must be time … Continue reading Feedthefew Massacre

Duck-it List: Episode ONE

Things I will not eat The world is not my oyster By way of a brief introduction these are things that form part of my Duck-it list: Things I plan never to do in my lifetime; some of which I have never done, marked (V) for Virgin; and some that I have tried and vow … Continue reading Duck-it List: Episode ONE

The Slow Loris: a tale of a dilatory Tory.

There was a sad Tory called Boris With the acuity of a slow loris He just hid in his bed, poured lies from his head and quoted from Homer and Horace. Notes: Slow: from Middle English/ Old English meaning Sluggish, Inert, Slothful, Late, Tardy, Torpid, Blunt, Dull, Faint, Weak, Slack Loris: from the Dutch, meaning … Continue reading The Slow Loris: a tale of a dilatory Tory.

Floodgates, Watergates, Surrogates, and Castigates

When my local floodgates opened First of all, where do all these bloody "Gates" come from?  They are clearly not all offspring of Bill & Melinda, so what’s the deal? I was reading Caitlin Johnstone's recent blog on Obamagate, which is well worth a read by the way, when her use of the word … Continue reading Floodgates, Watergates, Surrogates, and Castigates